After decades of working in the pressrooms of newspapers and commercial printers around the nation, in 2008 I left the South (I am originally from Tennessee), came to Montana and purchased the newspaper in Fairfield.

In 2011, with the rest of the media attacking the oil and gas industry, and as the options for the survival of many rural communities dwindled, I decided to “cover” the industry via my newspaper.

As the coming “boom” in Central Montana approaches, I have found that the amount, and timing, of energy news has outpaced the ability of my newspaper to keep up.

Unless otherwise indicated, the contents here are Copyright (C) Fairfield Sun Times

“Rig #12” drilling at the Spring Hill wellsite near Bynum, MT on December 3, 2011. Sun Times Photo




One thought on “About”

  1. I think I’m going enjoy your blog for a couple of reasons. 1.) you are so right, it’s very difficult to get even reasonably accurate and fair information on oil doings, and second, I spent a summer living in Simms (working for the Electric coop in Fairfield) and loved the country and people up there. Parenthetically, I guess Lesley carter found us both, funny how that works, isn’t it.
    Looking forward to your posts.

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