Black Butte Energy LLC Abandons Pondera Widcat

By Darryl L. Flowers | Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2014 8:30 am

10/13/2014 To 10/17/2014

New Locations

In Big Horn County’s Toluca Field, Highline Exploration, Inc. was approved to drill the Buzzetti-Corkins Trust 138-5. Located at SE SE 5-1S-32E (660 FSL/660 FEL), the well is permitted to the Frontier Formation at a proposed depth of 1,270 feet.

New Locations – Horizontal Wells

In Richland County, permits were approved for two Bakken Formation wells to be drilled by Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation. The Buxbaum 21-5-3H has a Surface Hole Location (SHL) at NE NW 5-24N-60E (260 FNL/1775 FWL) and a Probable Bottom Hole Location (PBHL) of 22,164 feet at SE SE 17-24N-60E (240 FSL/660 FEL); the Buxbaum 21-5-2H has an SHL at NE NW 5-24N-60E (260 FNL/1730 FWL) and a PBHL of 21,750 feet at SE SW 17-24N-60E (240 FSL/1980 FWL).

Re-Issued Locations

In Dawson County, a permit was re-issued to Interstate Explorations, LLC for the Star Bar Ranch 3-, located at NE NW 27-19N-56E (330 FNL/1710 FWL). The Star Bar Ranch is permitted to the Red River Formation at a proposed depth of 12,000 feet.

In Sheridan County, a re-issued permit was approved for Stephens Production Company, LLC to drill the Thuesen 7-9, located at SW NE 9-32N-56E (2385 FNL/1695 FEL). The Thuesen is also permitted to the Red River Formation, at a proposed depth of 11,300 feet.


In Roosevelt County’s East Poplar Field, Nautilus Poplar LLC filed a completion report for the EPU 2021W, located at NW SE 32-29N-51E (1750 FSL/2450FEL). No initial production numbers were reported.

Abandoned Wells

In Pondera County, final abandonment procedures were approved for the Castle Rock 1, located at SE SW 24-28N-5W (660 FSL/1889 FWL). The well was drilled by Black Butte Energy LLC, of Great Falls.

Converted to Injection

In Powder River County’s Bell Creek Field, the Minnelusa 3 SWD was approved for conversion to injection. The well, operated by Denbury Onshore, LLC, is located at NE SE SW 29-8S-54E (760 FSL/2000 FWL).

Darryl L. Flowers is the publisher of the Sun Times in Fairfield, Montana,, and can be contacted at


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After my first job at a newspaper -- delivering papers for the Jackson (TN) Sun, ink was in my veins. Since the 1970's I've worked in every area of the Printing and Publishing industry, with most of that time spent in the pressroom. In 2008 I moved to Montana and purchased the Sun Times of Fairfield ( In 2011 I realized that most media outlets were either ignoring, or attacking, the growing oil and gas industry in Montana, so I started the Montana Oil Report as the source of information on this important industry.

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