Samson Oil and Gas Reports Roosevelt County Well Stimulation Successful

Published: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 2:33 PM CDT
Roosevelt Project, Roosevelt County, Montana

Gretel II 12KA 3 #1-30H, (SSN 100%, subject to a 33.34% backin right)

As previously reported, the Gretel II fracture stimulation of the Bakken Formation was successfully completed, however a frac plug was set in the vertical part of the well. This plug and an attached perforating gun will be recovered when the work-over rig arrives later this week after having completed the Australia II work-over.

During the intervening period the well has been flowed back and has recovered 12,000 barrels of water. The stimulation operation injected a total of 43,000 barrels. The go forward plan is to recover the fish, drill out the frac valves and run the production string and continue the flow back.

Australia II 12KA 6, #1-29H, (SSN 100%, subject to a 33.34% back-in right)

The work-over rig successfully retrieved the stuck perforation gun from the Australia II well and has drilled out the remaining frac plugs. This operation took longer than expected due to several breakdowns of the rig and associated equipment. The rig is currently running the production tubing after which the well will be flowed back. As noted, this rig is expected to mobilize to the Gretel II location later this week.

Abercrombie 1-10H (SSN 0.75%)

The Abercrombie well has been successfully stimulated, placing 2.8 million pounds of proppant in 30 stages.

Hawk Springs Project, Goshen County, Wyoming

Defender US33 #2-29H, (SSN 37.5% working interest)

The problems experienced in the past with the rod pump in Defender have continued and as a result the well is being worked over this afternoon. The operation will pull the tubing and the pump and a decision will be taken to either run another rod pump or if possible run the down hole equipment associated with a jet pump that has been sourced. The provider of this equipment has yet to advise a firm delivery date, but it is expected to be in the short term. The continuing difficulty associated with the rod pump arises from the amount of gas that is being produced from the reservoir, resulting in the partial closure of the down hole valves, which in turn means that the volume capacity of the pump is impaired. Because the jet pump operates on a venturi system, the current thinking is that the jet pump configuration will not suffer the same problem as the rod pumps.

Given the pump problems that have been experienced in Defender, Samson and its farminee have agreed to delay the decision on the second farmin well until April 30th. This should allow an informed decision to be made after an indicative reservoir rate has been established. The Defender well has produced 5,084 barrels of oil to date, and the oil cut has approached 70% prior to the pump replacement.

Spirit of America US34 #2-29, (SSN up to 100% working interest)

The Frontier Rig 11 is currently due to arrive on approximately April 20th to commence operations on the re-drill of the Spirit of America US34 #1-29.well. This well will test two conventional targets in the Permian and Pennsylvanian aged rocks to a depth of approximately 11,000 feet.


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After my first job at a newspaper -- delivering papers for the Jackson (TN) Sun, ink was in my veins. Since the 1970's I've worked in every area of the Printing and Publishing industry, with most of that time spent in the pressroom. In 2008 I moved to Montana and purchased the Sun Times of Fairfield ( In 2011 I realized that most media outlets were either ignoring, or attacking, the growing oil and gas industry in Montana, so I started the Montana Oil Report as the source of information on this important industry.

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