International Production Company Discusses Upcoming Pro-Fracking Documentary in Glendive

“If the gas industry is not allowed in, I will have to divide my land and sell it for development. My son wants to farm, but he had to get a job in the city. I won’t be able to keep it for him.” – Bill, a dairy farmer in Calicoon, NY, has been campaigning to lift the New York state ban on fracking. His land is across the road from a property belonging to the Hollywood celebrity and anti-fracking activist Mark Ruffalo. – “Mark Ruffalo says he is my neighbor, but he never asked me for my opinion on fracking.” From

Filmmaker Ann McElhinney, of Ann and Phelim Media, an international film production company, will discuss their upcoming feature-length documentary, FrackNation, at the Mid-Rivers Community Center in Glendive on April 12th at 6PM.

The film looks at the process of fracking and discredits much of the scaremongering surrounding the process. It also celebrates the millions whose lives have been positively transformed by this emerging industry and debunks unsubstantiated health claims surrounding the process.

“You will see what brought us to this story and why we are working so passionately to bring it to the world,” said filmmaker Phelim McAleer. “Everyone we have met in the places where fracking is happening feels frustrated because of the one-sided media coverage, misinformation and outright lies.

“The voices of those who were denied the right to develop resources on their land were silenced and those who said there was no pollution were completely ignored. FrackNation is going to change that,” said McAleer.

In order to maintain full transparency and keep the film free from special interests, the company has returned all donations from companies or senior executives in the gas industry. See the progress they have made toward funding FrackNation on

McElhinney is a journalist, documentary film director/producer. Her work examining the real life costs of environmental policies has outraged many in the environmentalist movement and she has received several deaththreats. She has been a featured speaker and lecturer in the US and internationally. Her other feature films include, Mine Your Own Business and Not Evil, Just Wrong: The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria.

The event is sponsored by Montana Policy Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan policy research center based in Bozeman, and The Eastern Montana Patriot Organization (TEMPO). It is free and open to the public. For more information, go to


Author: montanaoilreport

After my first job at a newspaper -- delivering papers for the Jackson (TN) Sun, ink was in my veins. Since the 1970's I've worked in every area of the Printing and Publishing industry, with most of that time spent in the pressroom. In 2008 I moved to Montana and purchased the Sun Times of Fairfield ( In 2011 I realized that most media outlets were either ignoring, or attacking, the growing oil and gas industry in Montana, so I started the Montana Oil Report as the source of information on this important industry.

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