This Week’s Oil Report

Published: Monday, April 2, 2012 5:30 PM CDT

Compiled by Darryl L. Flowers

New Locations

Keesun Corporation has received permits for two new locations in Toole County’s Kevin-Sunburst Field. The Madison Formation wells are the Ralph Botham 14C-13 (SE SW 13-34N-3W) and the Leuck 6-13 (SE NW 13-34N-3W). Both have a Proposed Depth of 1,600 feet.

New Locations – Horizontal Wells

Four new Horizontal Wells were approved last week, all in Roosevelt County. The Schlagel 24-31TFH (SE SW 31-30N-56E) has a Proposed Bottom Hole Location (PBHL) of 19,451 feet; the Elvsaas 21-4TFH (NE NW 4-30N-57E) has a PBHL of 19,438 feet. Both wells target the Three Forks Formation.

G3 Operating won approval for the Jacobsen Farms Inc. 1-14-23H (NE NW 14-30N-57E) with a PBHL of 19,791 feet and the Wheeler Ranch 1-16-21H (NW NE 16-30N-57E) with its PBHL at 19,617 feet. Both are aiming for the Bakken layer.

Permit Modifications / Corrections

There was one Modification / Correction last week, for Oasis Petroleum’s Faye Federal 2759 43-19H (SW SE 19-27N-59E) in Roosevelt County. The Bakken Formation well has a PBHL at 20,893.


In Daniels County, Armstrong Operating wrapped up the Peerless 1-7 (NW NW 7-34N-46E). The well has a Total Depth of 7,376 feet.

In Richland County, Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation completed the Barter 21-3H (NE NW 3-25N-57E). The Bakken Formation well has a Total Depth of 19,450 feet. The well reported an Initial Potential (IP) of 437 Barrels of Oil Per Day (BOPD), 233 Thousand Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day (MCFPD) and 1,670 Barrels of Water Per Day (BWPD).

In Roosevelt County, Oasis Petroleum finished the  Mary Wilson 10-3H (SE SW 10-27N-59E). The Bakken Formation well has a Total Depth of 19,304 feet and reported an IP of 2,320 BOPD, 1,719 MCFPD and 7,581 BWPD.

Also in Roosevelt County, Nautilus Poplar, LLC brought in the EPU 117 (SW NE 11-28N-51E). The Amsden Formation well reported an IP of 95 BOPD and 12 BWPD.

Abandoned Wells

TOI Operating was approved to abandon the LaBonte 32-23 (NE SW 32-25N-57E) in Richland County.

Darryl L. Flowers is the Publisher of the Sun Times in Fairfield, Montana. Darryl can be reached at


Author: montanaoilreport

After my first job at a newspaper -- delivering papers for the Jackson (TN) Sun, ink was in my veins. Since the 1970's I've worked in every area of the Printing and Publishing industry, with most of that time spent in the pressroom. In 2008 I moved to Montana and purchased the Sun Times of Fairfield ( In 2011 I realized that most media outlets were either ignoring, or attacking, the growing oil and gas industry in Montana, so I started the Montana Oil Report as the source of information on this important industry.

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