“Darryl, this is Brian Schweitzer.” – Weekly Oil Report

Primary Petroleum rig at Watson Flats, near Choteau. Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers
Compiled by Darryl L. Flowers

Last week there were reports about a visit to the oil fields in Eastern Montana by Governor Brian Schweitzer.  The Gazette in Billings had a fine write up covering the Governor’s comments on “fracturing”. I sent a brief email to the Governor’s staff, with a compliment to the Governor for not being afraid to speak out about fracturing in the oil fields.  Before long, the phone rang. When I answered, there was no mistaking the voice on the other end: “Darryl, this is Brian Schweitzer.”

It was more of an informal chat than an interview. I invited the Governor to come to our booming oil patch so we could do a full on interview about the energy opportunities in Montana.

Rockin’ In Roosevelt

Samson Oil and Gas has just released an update on two of their wells in Roosevelt County, Montana.

At the Gretel II 12KA 3 #1-30H well, the rig crew recovered 100% of the cored interval in the Bakken and Three Forks formations, then drilled the vertical pilot hole down to 8,925 feet.

The well was logged and a cement “kick-off” plug was set.  The wellbore was deviated into the Middle Bakken target zone.  A 7 inch casing string was set and cemented at 10,816 feet.  The “kick-off” is the point at which a driller begins a change of direction with the drill bit from vertical to horizontal.

Samson reports that the 6 inch horizontal lateral is currently drilling ahead at a depth of 12,262 feet. Significant oil and gas shows have been observed with “greenish foamy oil” being observed on the shale shakers. The lithology of the lateral has some variation and the best shows are being recorded in a dolomitic lithology, which is possibly consistent with the geology of the adjacent Elm Coulee Oil Field.

The company added, “The forward plan is to drill the lateral to a measured depth of 16,400 feet and run the 4 inch completion liner. The well would then be stimulated, and whilst a frac date has yet to be set, the job has been awarded to Schlumberger, who has advised that they see no undue delays in the supply of the frac spread. The timing of the frac will most likely be determined by flow back operations on the Australia II well.”

At the Australia II 12KA 6, #1-29H well, rig up operations in preparation for the fracture stimulation have been underway during the last week and those operations are essentially complete and the first stage of the stimulation was being pumped Monday.

The forward plan is to complete the 16 stage fracture stimulation, which is expected to take 4 days on a trouble free basis.

The Australia II well was previously drilled to a total measured depth of 14,972 feet and completed with a 4 inch liner equipped with 15 external casing packers.

Big Sky In The Big Sky

Also on Monday, Big Sky Petroleum announced it had completed the Lateral Fracture Stimulation of the company’s first well, the  14-29.

The company also reported it had completed the vertical drilling and casing of its second well (15-13), permitted for a third well (4-3) and is working on permitting for a fourth well (81-4).

The 14-29 Well located in Sec 29-35N-1W of Toole County, Montana has been fracture stimulated and is currently undergoing testing and evaluation. The approximate 4,100 feet lateral section targeted the Middle Bakken Formation. Further results are expected to be received in March. This data will determine the potential economics of this well and will also be used for planning fracturing completions for future wells including the 15-13 Well.

The 15-13 Well is located approximately 3 miles south-west of the 14-29 Well and was vertically drilled and cased. The next operation planned for this well is horizontal drilling and completion including a planned 26 stage fracture stimulation. This operation is scheduled for the second quarter.

Permitting has been obtained on a new well – the 4-3 Well – which is anticipated to be spud in the second quarter.

The 81-4 Well is another new well located in Glacier County, Montana, and is expected to receive permitting approval by the end of March. Once approval for the 81-4 Well has been obtained, the first phase of drilling this new well will be completed. Big Sky previously re-entered, deepened, and stimulated the 81-3 Well which confirmed the presence of oil and provided the basis for drilling the 81-4 Well.

Sam Nastat, President of Big Sky, commented that, “We continue to be very optimistic about our exploration program and our early entry into the Alberta Bakken. The team has done a great job in completing work for each well and we plan to continue this level of activity during 2012.”

State Activity

Nine horizontal well locations were approved last week.  In Glacier County, Anschutz Exploration will be heading for the Sun River Dolomite layer with the Whitecalf 2-4-30-10 well (SW NW 4-30N-10W). The PBHL (Probable Bottom Hole Location) is 8,120 feet.

In Richland County, Fidelity Exploration and Production won approval for the Bouchard 34-21H (SW SE 21-22N-57E). The well is aiming for the Three Forks formation with a PBHL of 14,855 feet.  Also in Richland County, Brigham Oil and Gas will be drilling the Skov 21-16 1H (NE NE 28-25N-58E).  Brigham will be “Rockin’ the Bakken” with a PBHL entering the formation at 21,056 feet.

Slawson Exploration was OK’d for three wells in Richland County: the Canucks 2-13H (NW NW 24-21N-59E), the Pilum 1-24H (NW NW 24-21N-59E) and the Cleaver 1-30H (SW SW 30-21N-60E).  All three wells are boring into the Bakken layer with PBHLs in the 14,500 foot neighborhood.

In Roosevelt County, Whiting Oil and Gas was greenlighted for the Olson 21-28TFH (NE NW 28-30N-56E).  The Three Forks Formation well has a PBHL of 19,061 feet.

Rosebud County will be the home of the Nefsy 44-2H well (SE SE 2-11N-33E).  The Fidelity Exploration well is heading for the Heath Formation with a PBHL of 10,473 feet.

In Sheridan County, Marathon Oil Company was approved for the Rodney Sveet 21-28H (SE SW 21-31N-59E).  The Bakken well has a PBHL of 19,875 feet.

In Richland County, Poor Boy Oil was granted a permit for Re-Entry of a Plugged Well at the Dore 1 well (NW NW 29-24N-59E).  The well has a proposed depth of 6,500 feet into the Rierdon Formation.

There were six Re-Issued Locations in Phillips County, all for Fidelity Exploration wells. The wells, all in the Bowdoin Field, are the Federal 1548 (NW NE 30-31N-34E), the Fee 1539 (NE NW 4-31N-34E), the Fee 1546 (NW NW 6-31N-34E), the State 1540 (SE SW 16-31N-34E), the Fee 1530 (SE SE 34-32N-34E) and the Fee 1526 (NE NW 19-31N-34E).  All the wells have a proposed depth of 1,800 feet targeting the Mowry Shale.

In Roosevelt County, a Re-Issue Location was permitted for the Stateline 8-3328H (SE SE 33-28N-59E), a Bakken formation well with a PBHL of 19,602 feet. The well operator is EOG Resources.

Rounding out the Re-Issued Locations are six in Valley County. All are in the Bowdoin Field and have a proposed depth of 1,800 feet into the Mowry Shale. The wells are the Federal 1549 (NW SW 19-31N-35E), the Fee 1536 (NW NW 2-31N-34E), the Fee 1538 (SE SE 2-31N-34E) the Fee 1544 (NW NW 26-31N-34E), the Fee 1524 (NW NW 27-31N-34E) and the Fee 1542 (SE NE 10-31N-34E).  All six wells are operated by Fidelity Exploration.

There was one Permit Modification/Correction permitted last week, the Ella Marie 2759 42-9H (SE SW 9-27N-59E) operated by Oasis Petroleum North America. The well has a PBHL of 20,510 feet.

In Fallon County, Continental Resources completed the Husted 12-14SH (SW NW 14-6N-61E).  The well has a BHL (Bottom Hole Location) of 15,253 feet.  The well reported an IP (Initial Potential) of 75 BOPD (Barrels of Oil Per Day), 570 MCFPD (Thousand Cubic Feet of gas Per Day) and 331 BWPD (Barrels of Water Per Day).

In Roosevelt County, Brigham Oil and Gas brought in the Gobbs 17-8 1-H (SW SE 17-28N-57E). The Bakken Formation well has a BHL at 19,402 feet.  Brigham reported an IP of 1,544 BOPD, 1,643 MCFPD and 3,447 BWPD. Also in Roosevelt County, Oasis Petroleum wrapped up the Smestad 2758 13-5H (NW NE 5-27N-58E), another Bakken well with a BHL of 19,570 feet.  The well operator reported an IP of 1,133 BOPD, 1,655 MCFPD, and 1,676 BWPD.

The last of the reported completions was the Ward 12-5H well operated by TAQA North USA (NW NW 12-37N-57E).  The well has a BHL at 11,859 feet, hitting the Bakken formation. The Ward reported an IP of 340 BOPD, 65 MCFPD and 420 BWPD.

There were three expired permits in Blaine County. The Swank 9-12-34-21C (NW SW 9-34N-21E) and the Lybeck 35-7-35-20B (SW NE 35-35N-20E) belonged to NFR Bear Paw Basin. The SE Battle 5-2-34N-20E (SW NW 2-34N-20E) belonged to Montana Land and Exploration.

In Teton County’s “Pondera” Field, Mountain View Energy’s permit expired for the Donovan 33-1 (NE NW SE 33-27N-4W).

In McCone County, Native American Energy Group cancelled a horizontal redrill for the Beery 2 well (NE NE 24-23N-49E).

In Blaine County 11 wells were abandoned. Five of the wells listed Devon Energy Production as the operator.  They are the Loney 1-4 (NW NW 1-31N-18E), the Risley 11-6 (SE NW 11-31N-18E), the Staff 32-5 (SW NW 32-32N-18E), the Williamson 4-16 (SW SE SE 4-31N-18E) and the Paulsen 15-16 (SE SE 15-31N-18E).  All five are located in the Tiger Ridge field.

Also in Blaine County, Behm Energy filed to abandon five wells: the State 36-37-20 (NW SE 36-37N-20E), the Gordon 1-8 (NW SE 8-37N-21E), the S Bar B Ranch 1-31-37-20 (SE NW 31-37N-20E), the Gordon 1-26-37-21 (SW NE 26-37N-21E) and the Gordon 14-12-37-20 (SE SW 12-37N-20E). Finishing out the list of abandoned wells in Blaine County is the Summit Resources Rabbit Hills 9-14 (NW SE 14-34N-19E).

In Chouteau County, there was a single filing to abandon a well, and there is not much “known” about this one.  The well operator, as well as the well name, are all listed as “UNKNOWN”. The location is reported as SW NW SW 29-27N-3E.

In Glacier County, FX Drilling Company filed for permits to abandon four wells. The wells, all in the Cut Bank field, are the SWCBSU 57-W2 (SE NW NW 23-32N-6W), the SWCBSU 34-W1 (SE SE SW 12-32N-6W), the SWCBSU 22-02 (SW NW NE 7-32N-5W) and the SWCBSU 12-W5 (NW SW 5-32N-5W).

A permit was granted by the Board of Oil and Gas Conservation for the Conversion to Injection of the Grizzly 2-24H (SE SW 2-25N-59E), operated by Prima Exploration.


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