Weekly Oil Report

Compiled by Darryl L. Flowers

You would think that things would have calmed down this week after the flurry of activity resulting form last week’s visit by the folks from Lonesome Dove Resources. But their visit continues to be the big news across the region. As I reported here last week, the Monday meeting was attended by about 50 people.

I returned for the Thursday meeting at the Stage Stop Inn in Choteau, and the crowd had swelled to about 150. It was “standing room only.”

State Activity

In Powder River County, Denbury Onshore, LLC won approval for six New Locations in the Bell Creek field. All the wells are targeting the Skull Creek formation. The wells are the Unit 3116R (SE SE 31-8S-54E), the Unit 6208R (SE NE 12-9S-53E), the BCUD 514R (SE SW 5-9S-54E), the Unit 5602 (NW NE 6-9S-54E), the Unit 5612, (NW SW 6-9S-54E) and the BCUD 5614R (SE SW 6-9S-54E). The wells range in depth from 4,750 feet to 4,863 feet.

In Glacier County, Rosetta Resources Operating LP was approved for two New Locations: The Little Rock Coulee 3407-18-13H (SL SW 18-34N-7W) with a PBHL (Probable Bottom Hole Location) of 9,825 feet and the Fort Piegan 3408-13-16H (SE SE 13-34N-8W) with a PBHL of 9,976 feet. Both wells are aiming for the Bakken Formation.

In Richland County, Continental Resources was greenlighted for the Conaway 1-19H (SE SW 19-25N-57E) and the Ruben 1-9H (SW SE 9-26N-55E). The Conaway has a PBHL of 20,297 feet; the Ruben has a PBHL at 19,979 feet. Both are heading for the Bakken layer. Oasis Petroleum got the go-ahead for the Olson Bottoms Fed. 2658 12-10H (NE NW 10-26N-58E) with a PBHL of 20,513 feet at the Bakken formation.

In Roosevelt County, Oasis Petroleum got the go-ahead for three wells. The wells, which target the Bakken, are the Paul Byron 2758 41-13H (SW SW 13-27N-58E) with a PBHL of 20,586 feet; the Sam 2658 12-17H (NE NW 17-28N-58E) with a PBH L 19,909 feet, and the Ray T Federal 2958 13-26H (NW NE 26-29N-58E), with a PBHL of 20,478 feet.

In Sheridan County, TAQA North USA won approval of two wells. TAQA is aiming for the Bakken layer with the Ward 11-5H (SW NW 11-37N-57E) and the Hjelm 13-1H (NE NE 13-37N-57E). Both wells have a PBHL just shy of the 12,000 foot level.

Permits were issued for the Re-Entry of five wells last week. Denbury Onshore was approved for three Re-Entries in Powder River County: The Federal 6207 (SW NE 12-9S-53E), the Unit 6202 (NW NE 12-9S-53E) and the Unit D 606 (SE NW 6-9S-54E). All three are in the Bell Creek Field.

In Richland County, Slawson Exploration won approval for the Re-Entry of the Ullman 1-20 SWD (NW SE 20-20N-60E) and the Verschoot 1-19 SWD (NW SW 19-23N-54E). Both wells are aiming for the Dakota formation.

The list of Re-Issued locations from last week is a long one. In Fergus County Kykuit Resources was approved for five locations, all are Wildcat locations targeting the Colorado Shale formation. The wells are the Rich 5B-21-18 (NW SW 5-21N-18E), the Wickens 8-21-18 (SE NE 8-21N-18E), the Udelhoven 9-21-18 (N2 NE 9-21N-18E), the Blazicevich 11-21-19 (SW SE 11-21N-19E) and the Iverson 15B-21-19 (SE NW 15-21N-19E). All the wells were permitted to a proposed depth of 2,200 feet.

In Hill County, Devon Energy Production was granted a Re-Issue permit for the Rocky Boy-DIR 1-14 (SE SW 1-30N-14E) in the Tiger Ridge field. The well has a PBHL of 2,700 in the Eagle formation.

In Phillips County, Re-Issue permits were OK’d for two wells belonging to Fidelity Exploration. The Federal 1531 (NE NE 11-31N-33E) and the Federal 1527 (SW NW 28-31N-34E). Both wells have a proposed depth of 1,800 feet in the Mowry Shale.

In Valley County there were ten Re-Issues, all in the Bowdoin field. The wells are: the Federal 1543 (NW SE 15-31N-34E), the Federal 1525 (NW NE 25-31N-34E), the Federal 1512 (NE NW 14-31N-35E), the Federal 1516 (SW SW 15-31N-35E), the Federal 1545 (NE SE 19-31N-35E), the Federal 1523 (SE SE 20-31N-35E), the Federal 1518 (SE NE 21-31N-35E), the Federal 1517 (NW SE 23-31N-35E), the Federal 1522 (SW NE 23-31N-35E) and the Federal 1520 (NE NW 29-31N-35E). All the wells belong to Fidelity Exploration and have a proposed depth of 1,800 feet (Mowry Shale).

A Permit Modification was issued in Musselshell County for the Tranel 22-22H (SE NW 22-11N-24E), which belongs to True Oil, LLC. The well has a PBHL of 4,852 feet, in the Heath Formation. In Rosebud County, a Permit Modification was issued for a Fidelity well, the Kincheloe 11-23H (NW NW 23-12N-32E). The Kincheloe, which is in the Heath Formation, has a PBHL of 9,576 feet.

Six wells were reported as completed last week. In Carbon County, Energy Corp. of America finished the ECA Foothills 1-H (NW SW 13-6S-17E). The well has a total depth of 4,933 feet.

In Richland County, Continental Resources wrapped up the David 2-20H (SE SE 20-25N-55E) with a BHL (Bottom Hole Location) at 19,415 feet. The well reported an IP (Initial Potential) of 755 BOPD (Barrels of Oil Per Day), 458 MCFPD (Thousands of Cubic Feet [of gas] Per Day) and 430 BWPD (Barrels of Water Per Day).

In Sheridan County, Northern Oil put the finishing touches on the Onstad 14-11 (SW SW 11-34N-58E) while Omimex Canada finished the Ostby 3-34 (NE NE 34-31N-58E). The Ostby reported an IP of 180 BOPD.

Three wells were completed in Toole County. Keesun Corporation wrapped up the Elan 7-5 (SW NE 5-32N-4W) and the Sharman 16-32 (SE SE 32-33N-4W), both are gas wells. Slochin, Inc. completed their Toole County well, the Halter 5-5B (NW NE 21-35N-2W).


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After my first job at a newspaper -- delivering papers for the Jackson (TN) Sun, ink was in my veins. Since the 1970's I've worked in every area of the Printing and Publishing industry, with most of that time spent in the pressroom. In 2008 I moved to Montana and purchased the Sun Times of Fairfield (fairfieldsuntimes.com). In 2011 I realized that most media outlets were either ignoring, or attacking, the growing oil and gas industry in Montana, so I started the Montana Oil Report as the source of information on this important industry.

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