Primary Petroleum Adds Well; Montana Grad to Head Kosmos Energy; NAEG Updates Wells: Weekly Oil Report

The folks at Primary Petroleum Company USA, Inc. are keeping the pressure on the competition. Primary was the lone vertical well approved last week for a new location in Pondera County. Primary won approval for their Benton Bench 16-5-28-4 to a proposed depth of 5,000 feet, aiming for the Duperow formation.
Things were busier for new horizontal locations. Anschutz Exploration Corporation received approval for the SW Browning 1-35H-32-11 well in Glacier County. The well has a PBHL of 11,725 ft. In Richland County Continental Resources, Inc. got the go ahead for 4 horizontal wells: the Sherman 1-1H, with a PBHL of 20,019 feet; the Lucille 2-27H having a PBHL of 20,083 feet; the Wagner 1-17H and its PBHL of 19,913 feet and the Sharon 1-3H with a PBHL of 19,987 feet. All four wells are aiming for the Bakken formation.
G3 Operating, LLC won approval for a horizontal location in Roosevelt County. The Sorensen 1-34-27H has a PBHL of 19,260 feet in the Bakken. Sheridan County is getting two horizontal wells, with Samson Resources being greenlighted for the Riva Ridge 6-7-33-56H well at a PBHL of 18,199 feet. TAQA North USA, Inc. is approved for the Leininger 12-9H with a PBHL of 11,836. Both wells are in the Bakken formation. * Re-issued locations for the week include Petro-Hunt, LLC’s Karlan 18-55 19B-1-1 well in Dawson County. The well hopes to hit the Red River formation with a depth of 11,100 feet.
In Fallon County Fidelity Exploration & Production Co. is heading for the Eagle Formation with a proposed depth of 2,000’ for the Federal 2861 well. There were two re-issue locations in Richland County. Continental Resources Inc. was approved for the Georges 1-4RR. The well has a PBHL of 12,133 ft. Continental was also approved for the Buckley 1-9H, with a PBHL of 19,468. Valley County has one re-issue location for the Fidelity Exploration & Production Co. Fee 1108 well with a depth of 1,800 feet.
In Richland County Slawson Exploration Company Inc was approved for a new lateral or extension of their Vandal 1-16H well. There were four completions last week. In Richland County Enerplus Resources USA Corporation wrapped up the Whiplash-Gizmo 10-13-HSU well. The Bakken formation well reported an initial production of 210 BOPD and 55 BWPD. In Roosevelt County, EOG Resources brought in the Stateline 1-2423H well. With a total depth of 15,905 feet the well reported an IP of 17 BOPD and 180,000 cubic feet of gas per day. The well also produced 113 BWPD. Also in Roosevelt County, G3 Operating, LLC reported an IP of 897 BOPD, 81 MCFPD and 1,542 BWPD. The well reaches a depth of 18,916 feet. In Sheridan County Northern Oil Production, Inc. finished the Ruegsegger 1 well with a total depth of 9,872 feet.

Native American Energy Group updates Montana wells
NAEG recently announced it had undertaken a series of updates and improvements to five wells within the Company’s lease holdings located in the Williston Basin in NE Montana. Among the wells are the Cox 7-1, the Sandvick 1-11, the Wright 5-35 and the Beery 2-24 and 22-24 wells in McCone County. The Beery wells have a rich history. A report in the McCone County newspaper dated July 31, 1953 reads:
CASPER – Shell Oil Co. has brought in by far the best well thus far in the Richey area of Montana. The company announced here today its No. 42-24 Beery, in McCone county, had an initial flow potential of 5,378 barrels of 38 gravity oil a day based on test through open line. Production is from the interval 7,150-75 feet. Production has been obtained from two zones. In a test of the interval 7,008-16 feet and 7,022-60 feet, the rate of flow was 406 barrels of oil per day. Two days later the test of the lower zone was made with the resultant higher production. The No. 42-24 Beery is a south-west one location step out from the NP1 which had an initial flow of 1,536 barrels a day. The lower producing zone is believed to be correlative with that of the NP1. It is on the wheat farm of Newel Beery. Shell now is drilling three additional wells in the Richey field. A depth of about 6,200 feet has been reached at the Zuroff well 44-13e, with depths of about 6,000 and 4,000 feet recorded at Shell’s NP 11-3c and NP 44-23c near Richey. Drillers are going below 6,000 feet at Etzel 22-29, a Shell wildcat in the Long Grass area, about five miles south of Poplar.

Magnum Hunter Raises Production Guidance
Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation on Tuesday announced that it has raised the Company’s production guidance for 2011 and 2012 due to higher production levels being experienced from new well completions. The Company’s three operating divisions are currently producing at a combined production base in excess of 12,500 BOE (Barrels of Oil Equivalent) per day, significantly above previous company guidance of 10,000 BOE per day as a projected 2011 exit rate. This represents a 455% increase from the daily production rate of 2,750 BOE per day at the beginning of this year. Magnum Hunter has today also raised production guidance for calendar 2012 with a projected exit rate of 14,500 BOE per day from its previous guidance of 13,000 BOE per day. All of this production growth is anticipated from new drilling of existing mineral leases and do not include any potential acquisitions. Magnum Hunter has operations in the Williston Basin/Bakken Shale, the Marcellus Shale (West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio) and the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas.

McKenna moves to Kosmos Energy
Darrell McKenna has been named Chief Operating Officer of Kosmos Energy. McKenna will be responsible for Kosmos’ global drilling, development, and production functions as well as the Company’s health, environment and safety programs, starting on January 3, 2012. McKenna received a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Montana School of Mineral Science and Technology. Prior to joining Kosmos, McKenna was president of Hess Australia. Kosmos, based in Dallas, is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused on frontier and emerging areas in West Africa and South America.

MDU fills new position
Recently MDU Resources Group announced that William E. Schneider has been named to the new position of executive vice president of Bakken development. Schneider will coordinate business development and marketing activities of all MDU Resources companies in the Bakken area. He will report directly to Terry D. Hildestad, president and chief executive officer of MDU Resources. Among the MDU companies active in the Montana and North Dakota oil patch is Fidelity Exploration & Production Co., Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. and Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.


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